And as the ruling animal suggests, it is a time for us to HOP, SKIP, and JUMP.

You’ll know how to do that later, but first, we ask you to join us for our Annual Feng Shui Updates by Ms. Marites Allen on December 17 & 18, 2022.

This once a year event which is around two (2) hours long will be aired on December 17, 11:00AM Philippine time via ZOOM

REPLAY on December 17, 5:00PM and December 18, 9 am & 7:00PM Philippine time via Exclusive Facebook Group.

This is going to be another online event with a BIG difference, because it’s all about YOU.

The discussions will focus on your particular animal sign – your overall luck forecast for the year, prospects about your wealth potential, indications about your health and well-being, scenarios for your romance and personal relationships, and career outlook.

And with the lovable Rabbit as our inspiration, we will go deep into how you can achieve prosperity and success in 2023 in this pattern:


Learn the positive indications in many aspects of your life that are worth bouncing about. After knowing these auspicious possibilities, you will be taught how to make them manifest through proper feng shui enhancement. You will be pleased to know how simple this can be – from knowing your lucky directions for wealth, health, love, business and career to being informed about your lucky months, days, and even hours, PLUS many more helpful suggestions.


There will be some downtime for you during the year. Work can be challenging, business may slow down, domestic and romantic life may be frustrating, health issues may occur. Through all these, know that there are ways to skip over the negative consequences. Again, there are proper feng shui cures to take care of them. These are segments that you should not miss during the event.


A newer and highly positive development is that we are introducing other modalities to increase your potential for success in 2023. This has something to do with mindful and spiritual activities that you can add to your master plan for prosperity next year. The intent is to give you a wholistic approach to managing yourself and your surroundings in the Year of the Metal Rabbit. By using everything you will learn in this webinar, we hope to give you reasons to jump for joy that because of the inspiring potentials and despite the challenges that may be there next year, you could be the winner that you are meant to be.

Your Feng Shui Expert

International feng shui expert Marites Allen is dubbed ‘the Real Feng Shui Queen’ for rightful reasons. She has extended her level of knowledge and expertise from her native country, the Philippines, to many parts of Asia and several Western countries including the UK where she is currently based.

She continues to be the go-to consultant for noted personalities in business and entertainment for whom she renders services to help enhance their personal goals and optimize their business revenues. She does all these while managing multi-businesses related to various lifestyle and business interests. Because feng shui is a practice that is constantly changing and merits lifelong learning, she has devoted herself to it with great passion by training with the best teachers and by traveling all over the world for new learnings.

More than two decades after she started her feng shui practice, she has blazed new paths and continues to sell auspicious lifestyle products through the eCommerce websites and

In 2013, she became the first Filipina to be awarded the prestigious “Master in Feng Shui” title by the International Feng Shui Association. In 2021, as Managing Director of Wonderkin (UK), she has pivoted towards the health care and wellness industry by focusing on the needs of infants and the elderly – the world’s most vulnerable sector. In 2022, she has found her place among the Philippine Women Innovators in Blockchain. This latest venture led her to be a senior executive adviser of Kaloscope, a social media Metaverse platform that will bring virtual and augmented reality (AR) experiences. Through her collaboration with Kaloscope, she will launch her very first Golden Zodiac collection. Powered by AR technology, the twelve zodiac signs will now be viewed through an augmented reality experience. This groundbreaking feature will be used first in the 2023 Marites Allen Horoscope Books.

The collection will also be introduced as nonfungible tokens (NFTs) backed by blockchain technology. This will allow feng shui enthusiasts to have their own collection of images with potential profitable value and other perks in the future.A couple of international publishing houses have recently agreed to carry her Chinese Astrology books, which will now be circulated in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines. Other markets are being negotiated as of this writing.

2023 Marites Allen Feng Shui Almanac

The 2023 Marites Allen Feng Shui Almanac is your must-have desktop accessory. Use it to know the luck indications for every single day and every hour so you can plan your important activities accordingly. It is filled with many useful tips to help you navigate the Year of the Water Rabbit with

Marites Allen Planner 2023

The 2023 Marites Allen Feng Shui Planner is one of the three ideal tools you need to have a successful and profitable Year of the Water Rabbit; the two others being the Feng Shui Almanac and the individual Horoscope Books. Use this Planner to schedule your personal and business activities based on the luck indications for each day.

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